Pasta La Fata

Buon Appetito!

Swing by and see what's special today. Offering hot meals, salads, desserts, meal-kits, frozen dinners and everything you need for an epic Italian-inspired meal at home. 


All food is served to-go, but you're welcome to grab a seat. We have a few small tables, you are always welcome to take a seat and stay a while. 


The Fridge: Drinks, Green Salads, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Italian Cheeses, Tiramisu, Fresh Pasta, Meal-Kits and more!


The Freezer: Small-batch sauces, cannelloni, lasagna, soups and a rotating variety of specialty meals.


The Hot Case: Panzerotti, Polenta Fritti, Ready-to-eat Pasta Meals and more


The Pastry Case: Bombas, Cakes, Grandma La Fata's Italian cookies and a growing menu of pastries.


We will return to the Columbia Farmers Market soon. We are on a temporary hiatus to work in our new shop and train new crew members. Swing by the new shop Wednesday-Saturday and see whats cooking!


Our meat is sourced locally 100% of the time. The eggs in our pasta are organic, from chickens who walk through the grass, in the sun, eating bugs. We use the best domestic flour available from North Dakota. The sugar in our cookies is non-GMO and the butter is from grass-fed cows on a family farm. Our standards are very high. Food is medicine. We promise to always offer the best.

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